Kids Can Do Their Own Laundry, My Five Year-Old Does

What age can kids start doing their own laundry? Well this depends on your child and your willingness to teach them! I know way to many kids that are thirteen, fourteen years old that have NO clue how to do a load of laundry. To me that is insane! By fourteen years old, they are just four short years away from adulthood. We have to set them up right so they can function in the real world!

Make it FUN!

In my opinion laundry sucks! But, I do not want my daughter thinking that. So when I started to teach her I first gave her some warning.  I let her know, that she would be learning how to do her own laundry, and I told her how awesome it was going to be to be so big and independent.  We started this skill off as a positive, and it makes all the difference.  Now, I have to explain. She does not wash her clothes, fold them, and put them up 100% on her own. That would be magical, but not realistic. I would say she does about 80%.

The way I break it down for her

So now I am going to explain how I broke it down for and made it easy on both of us. Because let’s be real, we do not need anything to be harder! First, I got her a laundry basket, just a cheap one that goes on her floor in HER room. I stuck with the wide baskets so she could carry it, the stand up ones are too hard. Second, I sorted our laundry, we filled up her basket with her dirty clothes. (Just being honest I am always like 3 loads behind on laundry… don’t judge.. I know you are too.. and if you are not.. tell me your secrets!)

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Lexi doing her Laundry

Now let’s talk about the process. I start by telling her to go get her laundry, this means every piece of dirty clothes needs to be in the basket, and brought down stairs. Yes, I make her bring it down. Then, I make sure the settings on the laundry are set to cold, and large load. (This might vary for your family)  Next, I have her fill the washing machine and add in the detergent that I measure before hand. After she does this, she pushes the start button and we high five!

When it is time to dry, I have her take what she can out of the washing machine, sometimes I have to grab a few socks. I set the heat on low, and she pushes the button, of course when we push the button we need a high five. duh. Then, the part I hate, comes time to fold and put away clothes. I would say Lexi folds about 80% of the clothes and can put away about 50% of it.

Why I think this is so important.

Sadly, she will not be my baby forever. My goal in life with her is to prepare her to be a strong independent women.  I want her to feel empowered and strong when she one day leaves us for college, and has children of her own. I feel like that starts at a young age, she loves being a big kid. She craves responsibility, and why not give it to her. Also, mama needs a break. Does anyone feel me?

What chores do your children do? What is your opinion on having kids do chores?

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