About Jordan Loomis


I am a twenty-three year old wife and mother. I currently have an in-home daycare, I get the ability to care for some awesome kids.  The best part is I am married to my high-school sweetheart who is one of the most inspiring people I know. In fact he is one of the reasons I started this blog. He is constantly growing and pushing himself to do more things, and it made me think about how I could do the same.

So I grew up in Indianapolis, IN the majority of my life. For a few years we lived in Pittsburgh, PA. I have three brothers, and one spunky amazing sister. My father passed away when I was twelve, and my mom lives just down the street.

I grew up in what I would consider a cult. I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness, so my childhood years are sorta weird to talk about. So that means lived a very sheltered, conservative life. Being a part of a religion that is so demanding it caused me to really struggle with perfectionism, and that lead to other issues. But that is a whole other post in itself.  Growing up education, family, and religion were the main parts of my life.  I was not able to do a whole lot out of that.

My mom ended up leaving the Jehovah’s Witnesses when I was about fifteen almost sixteen. I was still going on my own because I thought my mother had grown two heads. Then I ended up meeting my husband and my life really changed.  Like I said earlier… he is pretty incredible.

How meeting my husband really changed my life.

So first off dating Nathan was a huge no no. He is what the JW’s call worldly. So pretty much if I dated him then I might as well just end my life then. Eh, I wasn’t a fan of the rules.  Anyways I remember this one moment, Nathan’s mom pretty much told his dad to shut it.

Now growing up in a JW world that was a huge no. The man was the head of the house, and the women was beneath the man.  In that moment I realized if I wasn’t a JW, I wouldn’t have to live under someone my whole life. That I could have my own opinions and I could make my own choices.  To make a long story short we fell in love very quickly, and after being together about a year and a half  I became pregnant.

Having a baby young changed some plans

I ended up having Lexi, a few months after I turned 18. Let’s just say it was hard, I was not mentally ready to be a mom. I hung up my idea of possible med school or even becoming a PA up. So, I started nursing school, I was working at our local children’s hospital, and I hated it! There was no question that I was not meant to be a nurse, so I quite nursing school. Now I didn’t do that without a plan, I ended up taking over my mother in law’s in home daycare when I quite. I never really looked back.

I am not very interesting, haha, but I do have a lot to say about motherhood.