Our Family Found Drug Paraphernalia- What We Did About It

Drug use is an epidemic. We have to work as a community to keep drug crimes down and paraphernalia off  our streets. We keep hearing about how this is a problem, but until you almost step on a dirty needle it doesn’t quite hit home.

What Happened

A few nights ago, my family and I were coming out of a craft store. I was walking to the car and when I opened the door I almost stepped on something red.  That is when I saw it. I saw a massive red rubber band and just a few inches away I saw a crushed used needle, and a tin can. What I assume was someone had shot up heroin and dumped their supplies in the parking lot.

Now don’t get me wrong. I personally sympathize with addicts. Although, I do NOT sympathize with someone who dumps drug paraphernalia. At first I felt sad, and then I felt enraged. I could have stepped on this needle, or my family. Then I thought about how many families go through this parking lot, and how someone’s child or themselves could have gotten hurt.

What to do when you find Drug Paraphernalia

So when we came across this, my husband and I both looked at each other. What do we do?! To pick up the drug paraphernalia we would need gloves and a sharps container. Luckily I found the answer fairly easily.  https://tinyurl.com/m2yf5c6  This site states that if you can not dispose on your own, then to call your local police department. (calling the non-emergency line)

What We Did About it

You will learn with our family, it’s never easy. So my husband called the non-emergency line, and we explain to the dispatcher what happened. Then the women said “Well are you going to pick it up?” This right here is WHY I am writing this. She said this in such a tone, it almost made us feel stupid. I quickly responded with “Uh no, we don’t have gloves. Who carries gloves with them?” then we ended up working out having a police officer to come.

After we got off the phone I just wondered, did she expect me to pick it up bare handed and throw it away in a regular trash can? Or maybe pick it up bare handed and carry drug paraphernalia in our car until we could find a sharps box? Has anyone ever dealt with this before, if so leave a comment and let me know what happened.

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