Keeping It Real

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Lettuce, tomatoes, and of course kale

Does anyone else enjoy the idea of gardening? No? Just me?

Ah I love the idea of growing my own food and getting my daughter involved.

You know because the good moms only serve food that is farm to table. They are aware where their food was grown, how it was grown, and who did it. To be honest hearing that made me feel a bit… well inferior. I am fairly sure my daughter just ate a goldfish out of her car seat. No, not the bunnies… actual goldfish.

The truth is we are really hard on ourselves as moms. We expect to be able to do it all, all of the time. Some days I feel as if I need to be good as every mom on social media.. although I know what they post is honestly bull crap.

Anyways getting back to what I was saying in the first place.  This year, we are keeping it real. I am not going to go crazy trying to plant every vegetable that I can possibly grow here in Indiana.  So I am sticking to lettuce and tomatoes, oh and um also kale. I heard that was a super food and all the children need to be eating it. Although my daughter said it tastes hairy and there is no way she can swallow it.

So of course I posted on Facebook that my daughter is obsessed with kale, and asks for it at every meal… kidding..


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